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Thread: The Work Thread

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    Another potential might be Salesforce Automation. Haven't used it myself but know other parts of our business are leveraging it.

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    I did some googling and talked to some other more programming savvy friends as well. The problem was that I knew what I wanted, but didn't know what it was called. Workflow wasn't on my radar. With that little nugget, I found a few pieces that I can slap-dash together to make something that will work it seems. Now just need to test and get it rolled out for our most frequent problematic forms, and go from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynnja View Post
    The young kid we hired last year is very green. But with 15 months under his belt some things should probably be expected. And then I get a drawing that's so absurdly wrong it takes me 10 minutes to see that it's completely wrong and I ask him to just start over before I do any reviewing.

    The part that really gets me is that he almost never asks questions. He just carries on doing things wrong making up random shit and then gives it to me for review. Then I look at it and wonder, why didn't you ask me about this while you were working on it? You left this big blank space devoid of information so clearly you knew something needed to happen but you didn't consider asking what should go there? What the fuck?
    Update: When the pandemic hit our company furloughed low hanging fruit asap. Turns out this guy had been sitting around putting 80-90% of his time on "training" because he didn't know what else to do and never asked anyone to give him work. After a summer furlough he was permanently fur-long-gone.

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    Let me know if you guys start hiring, and need someone to cover the work he was doing. I have those skills.


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