Today was my last day at Yahoo! I figured it would be a day of sending out a few emails, deleting files, and generally running out the clock.

So I'm sitting in a meeting after lunch which, naturally, wasn't super relevant to me when my manager IM's me saying that I need to contact the CEO's assistant because the CEO wants to meet with me. Whaaaa??????

At this point I should say that I was on an internal email list for general banter among all the engineers at Yahoo! I am a fairly regular contributor to that alias both with protracted arguments with other engineers and general wisenheimer comments. The CEO reads that alias and even contributes from time to time. I sent a (somewhat cryptic) goodbye email to that alias this morning, so she saw it and wanted to know what was up.

I, of course, went to her office pretty much immediately and she met with me for something like 20 minutes. She wanted to know why I was leaving, what they could do better, and that sort of thing. I have to admit that I was a little starstruck so I didn't tell her the complete unvarnished truth, but I did discuss some things with her that I felt were important.

But, man, how about that? Did not see that coming.