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Thread: Things which provoke anger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macheath View Post
    This is good. And shitty. The fake commercial at the end slew me. (Around 19:00 or so, if you don't wanna watch the whole damn thing.)
    Bear spray!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Definitely

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    There is a person in my office who is sick. They have been sick for quite some time. In fact I have a message I sent to another office mate on September 23, which was the first day I complained about the sick person. They were sick before that, but I don't recall for how long before I complained.

    The noise is what kills me. I'm four cubicles away, but it's loud. The pattern is a long labored inhaling snort followed by a phlegm clearing hacking cough. Sometimes that's followed by a long nose blow or two. This process repeats every 8-12 minutes. With normal coughing interspersed throughout.

    The Infected was off for a couple days, but otherwise they've been diligently working in between bouts of churning mucus... for over a month. I wish she would stay home, or visit the doctor, or die. Whatever most expediently stops the noise. Of course I don't actually wish death upon this person, but this constant guttural fluid exchange sequence did make me realize that was an option.

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    Hahaha. I fucking HATE sounds like that. I would have erupted (or quit my job) by now, if I were in your shoes.


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