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Thread: The Expanse

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    I'm still waiting for season 3 to show up on Amazon Prime video. I'm excited. There's been a lot of diversion from the book series even at the end of season 2, but most of it makes sense. I'm currently on Book 6 so a lot of what seems like them introducing a character that wasn't in that book, is that they appear much later in the books and introducing them early makes narrative sense (e.g. Avasarala, Prax, Ana) and fleshes them out for the time when they are the focus of the story.

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    This show is unreal. Season 3 is so good. Making me want to find the time to go back and read the books from where I left off. It must have been fabulously expensive, SyFy couldn't possibly keep it up with the low ratings I'm sure it got on premium cable. I have high hopes for an Amazon-funded season 4, with a bigger online audience...


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