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Thread: NFL Football

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    Okay. I promise I'm not as salty as this post is gonna seem. It's just that the closer I look here, the more I'm in awe.

    It's time for (what is becoming an annual tradition, in the form of) my fantasy football Bad Luck Griping Post!

    Drewbie will tell you I could've logged in Sunday morning, realized Adam Thielen was declared out for MNF, slotted in a different WR from my bench, and I would've beaten him if I had. But I'm here to tell you that doesn't matter. All six playoff spots were sewn up a week ago, before this matchup even happened. I'm out. I'm always out.

    But why am I out? Oh ho ho. Have a seat and listen to my story.


    If I've done the math correctly, my team scored the 4th most points in the league, with an average of 136 per game. Respectable! But it doesn't matter, because I had far and away the most points scored against me, at a whopping 142 per game.

    Thanks to that constant ass-pounding, I finished 8th in the standings, behind a guy who scored an average of 112 per game.

    In 2019, the average weekly score (across all teams) in our league was 128 per game. In any given week, find me on the scoreboard, and I was getting trashed by an average score of 142-136.

    In 13 weeks, how many times did I score more than the "league average" of 128 points, and lose anyway?

    Guess. Go on, guess.

    Nynny did it three times. Drewbie did it twice. Sheil did it once. Most teams did it zero (or one) times.

    You wouldn't expect it to happen very often. In a homeostatic system, you'd think scoring "more than average" would result, generally speaking, in a win.

    I scored over 128 and lost five times. In fact, in weeks where I scored over the "league average" of 128, I had a losing record of 4-5.

    EDIT: And, by the way, we're not talking about "Mac squeaked out 129 points and lost, boo-hoo." My scores in those 5 losses all ranged from 138 to 143 points! Remarkably consistent losing performances. <pats self on back>

    Okay, maybe it's just bad luck! Nynny wasn't that far behind me (with three >128 losses), he had an unlucky year too!

    Well, here's my "Points Against" rank stretching back a few years:

    Year PA (rank) Final result
    2019 1st Out of the playoffs
    2018 3rd Out of the playoffs
    2017 2nd Out of the playoffs
    2016 1st Out of the playoffs
    2015 6th Won the whole damn league!
    2014 4th Won the whole damn league!

    Fuck me! I've been getting absolutely dunked on since 2016. The last two times I finished outside the top 3 in points against, I got into the playoffs and won the goddamn league championship.

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    I did find it interesting that had you played my schedule, you'd be 7-4, while I would be 5-6 if played yours (minus the games we played against each other where we split, so 8-5 for you and 6-7 for me), so you make the playoffs and I miss.

    Shitty luck man.

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    Stupid game anyway. This is why I'm glad we don't put money on it. If we did I would totally be out.


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