So the 2018 Cardinals:

  • hire a new head coach,
  • sign QB Sam Bradford for $20M/year,
  • sign QB Mike Glennon for $4M/year,
  • draft QB Josh Rosen 7th overall (and sign him for $4M/year)

...then they go 3-13 and fire, cut, and trade all of the above people after one year. Bradford and Glennon will soak $8M off AZ's cap in 2019 "dead money," and most of Rosen's contract has already been paid out in the form of a signing bonus, so MIA will have a first-round QB on their roster for the duration of his 4+ year rookie contract, and only be only the hook for his <$1M/year base salary.

Miami got a hell of a bargain, Arizona is a poorly run franchise, and Josh Rosen is a saint. Check out this video and tell me you're not rooting for him to succeed wherever he ends up: