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    ILB Jake Ryan hit free agency, and the Jags just signed him. That means:

    • 2015 draft: 0/8 left on the team
    • 2014 draft: 2/9 left on team (Davante, Linsley)
    • 2013 draft: 1/11 left on team (Bakhtiari)
    • 2012 draft: 1/8 left on team (Daniels)

    The 2016-2017 drafts are faring better, but obviously they're more recent and there are some rookie deals still in effect. A couple mainstays like Martinez and Clark, but guys like Fackrell and Spriggs aren't super likely to get signed to new contracts. "Draft and develop" means you need to draft well, then re-sign your dudes once they turn out good. The 2012-2015 timeframe is killing Green Bay's roster right now, and 2016-2017 will make sure it stays weak for years to come.

    EDIT: Put another way: out of 36 players drafted from 2012-2015, only four were worth signing to a second contract. And that's supposed to be the core of your team right now. Gute is making splashes in free agency because he absolutely has to.
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