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Thread: President Trump and his Trumpalites

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    I've been mulling the idea of approaching my dad with the list of crimes 45 has committed while in office. It probably wouldn't matter.

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    It doesn't and won't. They don't care. They're just standing in line waiting for their Kool-aid.

    I will say that I like the latest polls that show a greater percentage of people are in favor of removal from office than approve of his job performance at this point. It's something like 55% are in favor of the impeachment investigation, 47% are down with removing him now, and only 42% approve of the job he's doing. Now, if the approval rating actually dips below 40% and stays there, then I think we've seen a tipping point. The issue right now seems that there's just too much to process from your average citizen. I care about this stuff and can't even keep up with the amount of shit flowing out the last week!


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