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Thread: Home Improvement

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    Just buy a skateboard and grind around the pool's edge like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

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    My house is terribly inefficient. It has 2x4 walls and very old batt insulation that doesn't do a very good job. I've had opportunity to open up a few of my walls over the time I've been there and changed out the insulation as I've been able, but there's still a great deal of square footage that I know is just garbage. I've looked into the drill a hole and fill it with cellulose methods, but there's quite a few drawbacks. I have a strong temptation to gut some walls and redo insulate and sheetrock them, but first I'm getting an energy audit done. They're doing a blower test and thermal imaging and all that jazz. Here's hoping the extent of things I should do is limited and there are rebates to help with costs.

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    Excellent idea! I keep meaning to do that. Please let us know how it goes!

    My house was built in 1940 some of the walls don't have insulation.


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