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Thread: Nvidia NOW

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    Nvidia NOW

    Play video games over the internet on Nvidia's servers! They're in a free beta right now.

    I got in, it works okay. I mean, control latency is nonexistent, there's no stutter or graphical issues/slowness... it doesn't work okay, it works great. My issue is my third world internet:


    Logged into my Nvidia account, then logged into my Steam account, "installed" TERA (a 0-byte download on some virtual desktop somewhere), connected to my existing TERA account (which I haven't touched for years now) and started playing. No problem at all, aside from the fact that it was in 720p:


    It's weird, it's like you're playing a YouTube video with WASD controls. But no lag whatsoever.

    So, if you have a mildly shitty computer, or limited hard drive space... but really good internet that will allow you to stream in proper HD... then this service is for you. It works pretty great! Even at 720p, it was totally playable, just a little gross to look at. If it was a game I knew well, and I didn't care too much about graphical fidelity, and I just wanted to play with friends or something, this would be perfect. Could do it on a laptop, or maybe even a smartphone, with no issues.

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    That's pretty impressive, but if your internet is shit then I'll probably only be able to stream 480p. I do like the idea of at some point not having to upgrade my computer anymore. I hope it stays lag free as more people start to use it. We use virtual desktops at work and when I was in the beta group for testing that out it was speedy, but now that the whole company is on it, it's slow as hell.


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