I just played through TACOMA in about two hours. It's silly to say I "beat" it, it's not much of a game. No shooting, jumping or sprinting, no real puzzles... the gameplay (if you can call it that) comes in the form of watching AR recordings of a space station crew in the hours before (and after) an accident.

The phrase "walking simulator" is usually used in a derogatory way. But hell, it's a genre now too, so whatever.

TACOMA is a walking simulator, but it's not an art game. It's like a movie. The story is good. The presentation is great. I was so engaged by the plot, I zapped straight through it in a single sitting. I got to know all the characters, I had opinions about them. I feel rewarded by my experience just like I would after a fantastic film. I feel like I just watched MOON or something.

Recommendation level: 37. I wouldn't pay $19.99 for it, but buy it on sale or something. I played it for free on Xbox Game Pass for PC, which is like $1 for 3 months right now if you join.