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Thread: NEW New Computer Tweakathread

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    My computer is about to hit the 5 year old mark, in January 2020. It's still doing the job, but certain parts of it are starting to seem a little crusty. Specifically, I worry about the hard drives. I may want to build a whole new PC soon, but first let's run some benchmarks and see how I'm doing.

    The days of 3DMark are long behind us. I decided to look up some newer tools, and first of all:

    I did not know motherboard benchmarks existed, but I've had experiences with mobo firmware causing audio/video latency issues in the past, and a suite of hardware tests might have helped me figure it out faster.

    So, I'm gonna spend an hour of my Thanksgiving afternoon finding my PC's hot spots. If you want to follow along, I know some of you have much newer computers than me, so I'm curious to see how I stack up in comparison.

    First, my brief review of these tests:

    • Blender Benchmark lets you compare your score against the average score. Which doesn't really tell me what's good or bad.
    • Unigine is a 3DMark style "beauty pageant" demo, but its score list is a dong length contest. There's no indication of good, bad, average, acceptable score ranges... just a bunch of dudes trying to set a world record. So I'm hoping some of you guys will give me real world results to compare against.
    • HWBOT is the same way, just without the beauty pageant.
    • Cinebench probably does the best job of letting you compare your results against other CPUs in the market, which is nice.

    My results are hard to interpret:

    Blender Benchmark (bmw) My PC: 180.5 seconds Average reported score: 338.2 seconds
    Blender Benchmark (classroom) My PC: 504.8 seconds Average reported score: 1041.8 seconds
    Unigine Superposition (1080p medium) My PC: 9,061 pts Longest dong in the world: 33,781 pts
    HWBOT Prime (quick) My PC: 5,901.65 pps Longest dong in the world: 16,237.94 pps
    Cinebench R20 (multi-core) My PC: 2,010 pts Other CPU scores
    Cinebench R20 (single-core) My PC: 417 pts Other CPU scores

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    This is oddly entertaining:
    - Definitely


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