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Thread: Star Wars The Old Republic

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    looks like you can only be allies with same faction guilds though...

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    So as sesko mentioned he created a SWTOR guild east coast pvp republic side. We currently have 3 signatures and will need a 4th to get started. Go to the SWTOR Guild HQ page and search for Oblivious to sign up (look for the name "sesko" as the guild leader). Not sure what this guild will become but we definitly want to continue the Oblivious name. I know Lando has started a guild as well. We did not want to step on anyones toes but we wanted to play on a pvp server this time around, thus why we created a second. As sesko mentioned you can only be allies with a guild in the same faction, and we can not be enimies as the other guild is on a pve server as oposed to pvp. (Allies and enimies just determine server allocation as far as I can tell)

    If anyone feels like joining us feel free. As I mentioned we dont know yet what this will become, but atleast it will be a way to join up with some familiar faces while leveling. We are definitly looking to raid at some point, hopefully we can get enough people to do so. Currently we have a tank (knight or consolar), healer(smuggler) and a dps (smuggler) so noone will be "required" to fufill one role or another, we have it all covered just come have fun.

    Also the deadline for the signatures is tonight so if you have pre-ordered please sign up for either lando's guild or the pvp guild so we can ensure Oblivious will be around from the very bagaining of this exciting new saga.
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    Found out something in regards to allied guilds. While allying yourselves with another guild only works within the same faction, you can actually set a rivalry with a guild of an opposite faction.

    So, for the Republic guild, you can set the Sith side guild as a rival, and you will still get put on the same server.
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    Correct, but you can't make a PVE Sith guild the rival of a PVP republic guild, so for us it doesn't work.

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    Ah, missed that part...

    Wait, why are you on a PvP server?
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    We just enjoy it more, adds another layer to MMOs.

    Plus two factions at war are not supposed to be all buddy buddy with each other on a dirt road lol. Can you see Vader doing a /wave to Han Solo if they bumped into each other somewhere on Tatooine?

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    Eh, that's why there is a /pvp flag. It allows those who want to nuke each other on the roads to do so, while allowing those who don't want to get ganked by a 12 year old sith who enjoys doing shit for the evulz some peace to play the game for fun.

    But, to each their own. I played WoW on PvP servers for years before I jumped over to Malygos. Then I found that I enjoyed PvE a million times more.
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    We need atleast one more for the Republic Guild if anyone is interested. Only have like 11 hours left to get everyone in.

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    I disbanded the guild I created and applied to your. Currently there are only 2 members who registered who are in the guild. After I am accepted, we still need one more registered member

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    Are you sure? We dont want to force (no pun intended lol) you to play Republic or pvp if you dont want too.
    Quin has not yet applied on the site, as soon as he does we will have 4.


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