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Thread: Elata - DK

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    Elata - DK

    How did you find out about Oblivious? Do you know anyone currently in the guild?
    I found out through Rayeangel who wants me to be in the same guild as her.

    Name, race, class, spec(s) of character:
    Elata Worgen Frost Death Knight

    Your age (if you are younger than 18, see above and stop now!):

    Do you run DBM or something similar? Yes/No

    Do you run Omen or something similar? Yes/No

    Do you have Ventrilo installed and working? Yes/No

    We used to ask about your hobbies and things, so if you'd like to provide those, feel free, but the more you write here, the more ridicule you will receive:
    Recently stopped raiding due to some issues with lack of time because of work in my course work and being burned out of raiding in general. Rayeangel asked me to create a character on her server and play with her. The character I was raiding on is Elata on Scilla.

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    Booo! Boring! No Raunchy information! Booo!!!

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    At least state if you are a broad or a dude.......

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    Do you have any other toons that are closer to 85. Rather than posting with a lvl 60 DK? On this server that is.
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    She-dude? Hermapha-broad?

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    Moare druids. That is all.

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    That's his only toon on the server. Been trying to get it to level but he only does it with tons of prodding.

    And I guess he's a she-man =P.


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