I don't know if anybody else is on Google Fi, but they're offering Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones for half off today, to celebrate Fi's birthday.

I pounced. A bunch of the options were very suddenly out of stock, so I more or less had to go with a top of the line, biggest possible phone (and black/white were sold out, so I got a pink one). Would have seriously considered downsizing from my massive Nexus 6P and I absolutely don't need 128GB of storage, but shit, the cheapest 128GB Pixel 3 XL on Swappa right now is $584 (for "good" condition; $480 for "fair") and I just got a brand new one straight from Google for $499. Plus I'm gonna trade back my Nexus 6P for another $39.

Needed a new phone anyway, so this was timed really well. My 6P is starting to have difficulty charging, I think the port is wearing out on one side. Would have been happier with the smaller handset... but as unwieldy as they are to use one-handed, the battery life on bigger phones is a significant upgrade. And maybe I'll find something (porn) to fill the 128GB of capacity with, I dunno (porn). And who cares about pink, my phone will spend its whole life in a case anyway.