I guess we don't so much have a computer thread anymore so I'll start one.

I heard about this book called Cholesterol Protection for Life. $70 on Amazon, $200+ on hpb.com, and even more on other sites. The guy's website has a "digital" copy for $11, but the hard copies are out of print. Why somebody doesn't reprint this book that apparently has high demand is beyond me. Then after a little digging I found a site offering a free copy of this book. So I signed up, said $0 for a donation, and shortly got an email where I could download my free copy.

My free copy is password protected to open, which they gave me, but I can read it all I want. However, now that I have it I'd like to put it on my Kindle, which I'm guessing I can't do while it's protected. Of course the "unprotect it" password isn't the same. Can anyone help with this issue?