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    The way they [Steven Universe] do their world-building over time is fantastic. Every episode is 10 minutes, so they don't just spoonfeed you a bunch of exposition... they introduce things one at a time and everything gets slowly layered together, element by element. The very first episode, you start watching and you're like "what the fuck is a crystal gem yo" and they don't really explain it so much as they let you figure it out.
    Okay, now I'm seeing the down side: I finally found season 5 streaming somewhere (HBO) and... I'm completely lost. Watched the 126 episodes of seasons 1-4, took a year off, and now I have no idea what's going on.

    Can a brother get a recap? Off to YouTube, maybe.

    EDIT: Eh, re-watching the last couple episodes of season 4 was enough. Just finished devouring season 5, now for the movie, then Steven Universe Future! I'm 10

    EDIT: Movie didn't really do it for me, was not expecting a Disney musical
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