I didn't want to come off as a hunter basher. It is a legal and necessary revenue generating activity for state's budgets. And venison tastes good, as do turkeys, walleye's, and perch.

I (still to this day) could talk for hours about my WoW toons, deathmatch wrestling, Ticket to Ride, Gencon, the Spartans, the Lions, the Tigers, with a level that would be deemed weird to someone with dissimilar interests. I get the passion for one's hobbies. I don't get the killing of a non-food animal in it's own environment. Does a skunk or a raccoon sometimes need to be offed in a urban area - yeah, I get that. Am I sitting in the woods for hours when a coon or skunk comes by and blast it - no, how is that excusable?

I have killed 2 animals in my life that were non-edible and non-pests (yes, I kill bees, hornets, wasps, skeeters & spiders in and around my house), and to this day I feel bad about it.